How babies get affected by Acid Reflux

Heartburn, additionally called gastroesophageal Baby Reflux Relief (GER), is a standout amongst the most widely recognized newborn child bolstering issues, with around 25 percent of all children encountering at least some level of it. GER can cause a scope of conditions, from the gentle (visit and effortless spitting up) to the serious (colic, stomach torment, and constant night waking). GER is a standout amongst the most well-known reasons for alleged colic.

baby refulx relief


To acknowledge GER bolstering techniques, one should know the mechanics of the condition.

  • Typically, a roundabout band of muscle called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), isolates the stomach from the throat.
  • After nourishment enters the stomach, the LES contracts, acting like a restricted valve that closes and keeps the stomach substance and acids from spewing, or refluxing, back up into the throat.
  • In a few children, the LES is briefly juvenile, so it permits halfway processed stomach substance and acids to be refluxed.
  • This disturbs the coating of the throat and causes the agony that grown-ups term acid reflux.

If your child has an increasingly severe level of reflux, your specialist may endorse meds that can decrease the creation of stomach acids. Most children start to exceed the reflux somewhere in the range of 6 and nine months, the age at which they likewise begin investing more energy in the upright position, which itself reduces spewing forth. The accompanying encouraging and situating tips will help limit indigestion.


In some uncommon cases, reflux in more seasoned newborn children is because of nourishment hypersensitivities. In more seasoned kids, it can likewise be an aftereffect of lactose intolerance. These kids can’t process lactose, a sugar found in milk.

In individuals with heartburn, corrosive from their stomach comes up into their throat. Reflux is normal in babies and doesn’t as a rule cause indications other than spitting up.

Most children develop out of it when they’re a year old and don’t require treatment other than the fundamental way of life changes.

Children who have increasingly extreme indications might be determined to have gastroesophageal reflex malady (GERD). These indications may include:

  • touchiness
  • poor weight gain
  • regurgitating reliably

Children with these manifestations may need to take medicine or even have a medical procedure.

Revealed via carers worldwide to counteract reflux and flathead in infants, the Snuggle Pod is a 2-in-1 versatile infant beanbag is the best choice as it develops with your infant from the day they’re conceived, through to pre-youngster years. Consider this as the Birth2Big® framework!

Each Snuggle Pod accompanies the swappable child and little child seats, which are produced using a breathable, delicate, cushioned material that nestles infant’s body, thus making it the best choice, what so ever.

Sitting Postures And Babies

Guardians are extremely mindful of the motor achievements their infant will meet in their first year of life. Sitting freely is a major one since now your infant can sit alone on the floor and start to utilize the two hands to get a handle on and control toys. They can likewise now sit well in a high seat for feeding, and can sit in a grocery cart securely with supervision. This bears child somewhat more autonomy and offers guardians a little respite!



Guardians regularly ask what they can do to enable infant to sit up freely. The appropriate response begins with ensuring them that they have accomplished antecedent abilities that start to fortify the body for the expertise of sitting.


On the off chance that your child is effectively finishing the antecedent aptitudes, and demonstrating great head control and starting to indicate control of their mid-body, you can utilize the accompanying sitting positions to enable them to pick up control of sitting freely:

  • Sitting on your lap (3-6 months) – fluctuate your hand arrangement (moving them from high on chest to low at hips) to inspire them to take control with their trunk quality
  • Sitting on the floor between your legs (4-5 months) – they can lean securely to one side or left, and can utilize their arms to push back to midline on the off chance that they are tipping)
  • Sitting toward the edge of a crate or a clothing container (4-5 months) – This can be utilized rather than the Bumbo seat. It will offer help on the two sides of body. You would then be able to pull it or delicately tip side to side to urge infant to respond and adjust while as yet being securely bolstered.
  • Sitting on the floor, utilizing Chibebe Toddler seats (4-5 months) that encompasses them, or encompass them with cushions – put toys somewhat more distant away to urge them to reach and come back to midline, utilizing the Toddler seats to push on if necessary.

As your infant turns into an independent sitter, he will before long start to go after toys that are more remote away, and before long will have the capacity to move from sitting position to his belly securely utilizing his trunk control. Chibebe Snuggle pods are the perfect choice for your kid.

The Snuggle Pod, a dynamic 2-in-1 child beanbag that develops along your infant from the minute they are brought into the world straight up until pre-teenager years. Each Snuggle Pod accompanies swappable child and little child seats, which are produced using a delicate, cushioned, breathable material that nestles your infant’s body. The uncommon plan gives your tyke a definitive experience in comfort, enabling them to sit upstanding securely and freely while appreciating their general surroundings.

Gift a Snuggle-pod that grows with age!

Do you know how it feels to be in the clouds, and wandering in heaven with no worries about your well being? We all have been to Heaven but could not recall because it was the time when we were born, maybe. It is that period when we get the best care, the warmth of everyone around us and more over the unconditional love that we seek for entire life.

The Perfect Gift:

American Singer Belinda Carlisle when came up with the evergreen song, Heaven is a Place on Earth, it became a proverb, and yet people believe in the song to its core. It’s only we, who can build Heaven or Hell on earth and must not seek an afterlife. The time circles on its axis, and like your parents once made one for you in the past, build one for your kid or nephew today. Among the best health care, pure air to breath, best clean clothes, and an excellent surrounding you provide your baby to grow up in, they are also entitled to get the best snuggle pod a baby can ever have.


The Idle Snuggle Pod:

Chibebe brings you the snuggle pod which has the fundamentals of a beanbag and engineered to give you baby not only health benefits but also the comfort that makes them less irritant than ever. Spending a hefty amount on baby products and then disposing of them because they grow up is disheartening, and keeping this in mind Chibebe came up with an idea of coming up with a snuggle pod that grows with your baby.


As reported by Carers worldwide, Chibebe snuggle pod has the ability to prevent reflux and flathead in babies. With its Birth2Big system, the bean bag goes through the day they are born to their pre-teen years so that spending your hard earned money won’t go in vain early.


*This graph shows a clear indication of the number of babies who are less than a year old experience the condition of reflux.


The Chibebe snuggle pod offers an angle of sitting that is known to be good for healthy growth of your kid and also improves their gastro-intestinal functions. Usually, Beanbags for kids do not follow any specifics but meet the basic requirements, whereas Chibebe gives you an engineered structure, for good today and a better tomorrow. Let us gift our baby with a snuggle pod that they deserve.


Toddler Seat: The Best Treat You Can Give To Your Kid!

As parents, you always look for the products that can make your baby feel comfortable. Well, when it’s about the safety and happiness of your little bub, you can’t take things for granted. And, baby bean bags are no different. It is just like a beautiful castle for your little prince or princess where they enjoy themselves and feel at home.

No doubt that many bean bags are available on the market today, but it imperative that you choose the best. Now, the question is – how to ensure the toddler seat you are buying is up to the mark? Well, there are a few ways of finding that. Let’s check out some of them:


Check if it is easy-to-clean!

When you buy something new, especially for your little angel, you want to keep it clean for as long as possible. Isn’t it? But, you know that kids are capable of creating a lot of mess around them; hence, the bean bag will certainly get dirty. Cleaning these snuggle pods can give you a real headache. Well, you want to wash them, but you can only do this if the fabric is water resistant. That is why Chibebe’s bean bags are the best choice of parents. One can easily clean different stains on a toddler seat by simply dabbing it with a fabric cleaner.

Chibebe’s bean bags are machine washable as they come with removable inner bags. You just need to remove the inner bag and put it in the washing machine, and that’s it!

Make sure it is laboratory tested!

You should not choose just any brand as you want them to be fully safe for your that little bundle of joy. Go for a brand like Chibebe that gives priority to the safety of your child over anything else and even travel an extra mile for it.

Pick the one that is easy to pick!

Just imagine carrying that massive piece of furniture along on vacation or even a picnic. Yes, it can be difficult to manage. Chibebe’s bean bag is quite lightweight, so you can carry it even when you are traveling with your cutie pie. Apart from this, a snuggle pod is easy to move and place in any corner of your house.

Bring a toddler seat for your bub today, and let her have a great time! 🙂

Bean Bags for Kids: Cos It’s All About Your Little Pumpkin’s Joy & Comfort

Want a cozy, soft, comfy, yet light and sophisticated sitting for your kid? Buy a bean bag from Chibebe.


Chibebe offers a wide range of bean bags (or, you can also call them snuggle pods) in stunning designs and attractive colors. Ideal for babies from birth through to pre-tween years, their baby furniture can complement your kid’s bedroom. They’re made from incredibly soft, breathable and padded material, where your little bub would love to be in and have hours of playtime fun. Whether your kid is watching his favorite cartoon show on TV, or reading rhyme books – a bean bag, especially with a toddler seat is the best place he’d love to be in.

Want to show your love towards your little nephew or niece? Gift him/her a bean bag!

Even the most loving and caring parents sometimes forget to give what their little bundle of joy deserves – a soft seating. However, being a responsible aunt or uncle, you should take this as an opportunity and gift the little pumpkin a bean bag from Chibebe.

But, why Chibebe again?

Well, the 2-in-1 adaptable bean bag from this leading brand helps you save on your hard-earned money, so that you can spend it on some other useful stuff for the baby’s joy and comfort. That’s only the beginning!


Chibebe is one of the leading brands in Australia and there are reasons behind it. Let’s talk about the top ‘THREE’ reasons:


Unlike most furniture for babies out there, their bean bags come with an extra layer of padding for additional support and comfort. This added layer is helpful for suppressing the typical “noisy bean” sound and thus, giving your baby to sit upright safely and independently while enjoying the world around him/her.

Reflux & Flathead

This is one of the most compelling reasons to choose the Chibebe bean bags. It has been reported by many parents and carers that the bean bags from this leading brand assist in preventing reflux and flathead symptoms in babies. Thus, their bean bags do not only take care of babies’ joy and comfort, but also their health (if you go by the ample word-of-mouth that can be online).

Laboratory Tested

The Chibebe brand is committed to your baby’s joy and comfort. And that’s why, they meet the strict mandatory standards for bean bags. What’s more? Their bean bags are being tested on a regular basis by the world’s best laboratory to make sure each bean bag is safe for use by newborn babies and kids.

All in all, if you want to have the best deal for your pocket and your baby, invest in a bean bag from Chibebe. 🙂

3 Points To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Baby Bean Bag

A bean bag is a product that makes your baby feel really comfortable. The best thing about using the product is that it helps to prevent a number of health issues in babies. For instance, Flat Head Syndrome and reflux can be prevented by making a baby relax on a bean bag.

Yes! Excessive usage of prams and car seats for babies make them suffer from Flathead as the hard surface of these products deforms back of their head. This, in turn, can cause a number of other health concerns in babies. Since a bean bag is soft, your baby’s head feels no pressure and this assists in the prevention of Flathead.


Apart from this, a bean bag provides baby reflux relief and aids in preventing other breathing issues. Now that you know how beneficial a bean bag is for your baby, you must consider a few points before buying one for your baby –

Can it be cleaned easily?

When you buy something new, you want to keep it clean for as long as possible. Isn’t it? But, when a product is used time and again, it will certainly get dirty. And, you obviously have to clean it then. The same thing applies to baby bean bags! In fact, a baby bean bag is often needed to be cleaned for obvious reasons. You can clean a bean bag properly only if its fabric is water resistant. This way you can easily clean different stains on a bean bag by simply dabbing it with a fabric cleaner.


Is it machine washable?

Even if you clean a bean bag whenever required, it is needed to be washed after long usage. But, for that, it should be machine washable. Therefore, a baby bean bag that comes with a removable inner bag is the right choice. Just remove the inner bag and put it in the washing machine and you are done!

Is it tested in the laboratory?

The baby bean bag you are going to buy should be properly tested to meet the safety standards issued by a country’s government. You should not choose just any brand as it might affect the health of your baby as mentioned in the beginning. Go for a brand that gives priority to the safety of your child over anything else and goes the extra mile to do it.

So, now you know how to choose a right baby bean bag for your little bundle of joy 🙂

How Is A Bean Bag An Amazing Item For Your Child?

As a parent, you want the best for your tiny tot. You take care of even the smallest thing related to your child and, that’s what good parents do for their kid’s happiness! But, do you know what else can add to your tiny tot’s joy? I know you have a lot to tell!

However, in this article, I am going to talk about bean bags for kids. Yes, the  children’s bean bags are among of the best things you can get for your child. Now you might think how a bean bag can add to your child’s comfort and joy. So, here’s the answer to your question! Take a look at the benefits of bean bags for kids:

It’s so comfortable


The very first thing that comes to my mind when I think about bean bags is the comfort it provides. And, when it comes to kids’ products you just can’t compromise on comfort and safety. Right? Kid’s bean bags are made keeping these factors in mind. The bean bag adjusts to the body shape and position of your child to give him/her the maximum comfort. And, since a bean bag is made out of soft filling and fabric, your child would love to sit on it.

It’s easy to carry

If you have heavy furniture in your kid’s room, you just can’t imagine carrying it along with you on a vacation or on a picnic. But, that’s not the case with a bean bag! The children’s bean bags are pretty lightweight, so you can carry these even when you are traveling with your child. Apart from this, a bean bag is easy to move from one corner of your house to another. So, you can keep moving the bean bag as per your child’s need. Isn’t it great?

It’s a cool item


A bean bag is undoubtedly a stylish item. It looks really good in your living room, bedroom or kids’ room. It will be right to say that a bean bag will enhance your home interiors. Your kids will also feel proud to have such a cool product in their room. You can choose a stuffed chair for your child from different colors and designs available in the market.

Have you already got a bean bag for your child? How was your experience with it? Or, are you still planning to get one? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!